MIS Fall Forum

As the fall semester begins to wind down, MIS students have the amazing opportunity to experience MIS Forum. This event allows for students of all ages in the MIS program to meet with the senior management of many prestigious companies along the likes of GM, PwC, ThyssenKrupp, Autozone, and more.

The night began with a tasteful networking event that allowed all of the students and representatives to meet each other, and also grab a bite to eat. The representatives were able to give us all great advice about furthering our professional careers, along with sharing their own personal stories and triumphs through their positions. As the networking event continued, the students were split into small groups and dismissed to their respective meeting areas. The group sessions were very informative due to the one-on-one like atmosphere each group had with the representatives. While in these groups, we were able to ask any number of questions about how to further our careers, how to network and build relationships professionally, and also how to go about learning more about our field in MIS.

MIS Forum was a fantastic learning experience. Every student, I believe, was able to leave the event that night with new knowledge on how to improve themselves professionally. We were privileged to be able to attend such an event, and appreciate the staff and representatives for everything they have done to further our development.

-Eric Harper, 1st Semester Junior, MIS Student


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