Capstone Experience: RFMS

RFMS has been in business for over 25 years, gaining their first client in 1984. Today, this client is still an active user of the most current RFMS tools. Having automated over 3,000 dealers in 7,000+ locations, RFMS is the industry leader in flooring software. Offering complete business modeling—from ideation to implementation, RFMS offers a full service line. Headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, RFMS employs approximately 80 individuals.

In June 2012 a package of Excel analytics tools were purchased. These tools are intended to extend RFMS’s current analytics and reporting capabilities. Our solution implements a subset of these tools, specifically focusing on basic sales analytics, and is delivered in the form of a web application. This web application performs basic statistical analysis, creates data visualizations, generates reports, and utilizes both manual and automated data entry.

Since most of the plan, analyze, and design work was completed during the summer (during an internship), the team has spent an overwhelming majority of the project in the build phase. Two days in the semester we were writing code and today, I am happy to say, we are near an early completion of the project scope and plan to go beyond. Our solution uses C# MVC, twitter bootstrap, jQuery, the Google Charts API, and Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.


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