Capstone Experience: Charles Group

The Charles Group team’s objective is to create an application that will facilitate an evaluation process for our clients. Going off the business requirements laid out by our client, our project team created a charter agreement that lists all of the high level requirements for our project, as well as Stakeholder goals and expectations. Once the team and our clients agreed that everything on the charter was relevant to the project, we worked on determining what would be in scope for the first prototype of our application. Working on the scope proved challenging at first, our clients continued to ask for more functionality that would make meeting the deadline challenging, but eventually the team, clients, and faculty came to an understanding of what needed to be accomplished for the initial prototype to be successful.

After completing the plan phase, the team started on the analyze phase. During this phase we took the scope document and broke it down to plan out what the system would handle, the process it would go through to do it, and how that process affected other processes in the system. This phase proved difficult in that the industry our client operates in is highly regulated by different governing bodies, and every part of the evaluation process has to meet those regulations. So after much team and client research, we were able to list out the different functionalities of the program and the data needed to make each function a reality.

After completing the analyze phase, we moved to the design phase. This phase was a lot of fun for the group, as we got to see our ideas come into a structured database-type format. Our team also participated in a very fun team building exercise, where we all went out and got dinner and just talked about each other’s personal lives and not work.
So after months of planning, analyzing, and designing our project, our team is finally ready to build. It hasn’t been easy getting everything accomplished with all the limitations on information sharing, but our team has worked hard to complete every deliverable assigned thus far.


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