Courses: MIS 340

In MIS 340 we are learning about how data travels from one point to another. Dr. Hogan gives an overview of all of the different aspects involved in global networking throughout the class. The subject matter is explained in awesome detail of how data can be transferred world-wide in an instant. It is very cool to learn all the chain reactions occurring each time you visit a website or call someone on a smart phone. I enjoyed learning about how an email is transferred over the Internet.

We are currently learning in detail about the five layers of the Internet networking model that information goes through: the Application, Transport, Network, Data Link, and Physical layer. Each of these layers serve a role in making it possible for data to be directed to its final destination, and it is the goal of the course for us to understand how data travels through each layer. After discussing these layers, and the technologies and protocols associated with each, it is easier to understand the challenges that face network professionals in securing data, keeping networks up and running, and expanding existing networks.

-Jonathan Bush, Junior


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