Capstone Experience: P&G BI

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is a multinational consumer goods company with a market capitalization that is greater than the GDP of many countries. P&G is the world’s largest maker of consumer packaged goods with its two main global units being Beauty and Grooming and Household Care. About two dozen of the company’s brands are billion-dollar sellers, including Pampers, Gain, Tide, and Charmin, just to name a few. With such a large global presence, these brands are available in more than 180 countries. Due in part to being a large organization, there is a great amount of data that has to be sorted through on a regular basis. To help with this, the company has implemented decision cockpits, which are the “one source of the truth” when it comes to finding reports and information. However, time is not optimized while searching through these decision cockpits for relevant reports.

P&G has challenged our team to provide a proof-of-concept solution to improve their current method of searching for relevant reports within their decision cockpits. We aim to provide this solution by creating an algorithm that provides recommendations for relevant reports, tailoring solution to individual user profiles based on click-stream analytics, and making recommendations easily accessible to users via customized activity feeds.

We are fortunate to have the unique experience of participating on a global team this semester, with stakeholders in both Hungary and the U.S. (Boston and Cincinnati). With a 7-hour time difference, we have been conducting meetings as early as 6:00 am, with the expectation that the team will arrive 30 minutes early for preparation. Despite the fact that we have to rise and shine before the sun, we have embraced this early opportunity by going to team breakfasts after debriefing our meetings. Our goal is to hit every good breakfast spot in the area and not attend the same spot twice.

Earlier this month, we had our midpoint meeting with our client to discuss project progress thus far as well as where we plan to go from here. Three options have been presented to us:

1. Pursue project integration with 3rd party vendor
2. Collaborate efforts with internal team
3. Provide proof-of-concept application

We are currently waiting to see which path we will embark on. To cope with this, we have divided our team efforts to focus on the multiple scenarios. This is to ensure that we have covered our bases and will be prepared to move forward, regardless of which scenario is chosen. The moment a decision is made, we will redirect our efforts to the path that was selected and continue on our mission to provide our client with a valuable solution to their problem.


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