Being an Ambassador Lead, this AIMS meeting was the first time I had the chance to lead the preparations and operations of the meeting. It was a very good experience to get to lead a team of colleagues in getting everything ready for PwC. I had to communicate with my team about our duties. I also had to be in constant contact with my managers to make sure everything ran smoothly.

The PwC AIMS presentation was very informative and enjoyable. Going in to the meeting, I thought PwC only performed audits. In being one of the big four accounting firms, I was surprised to learn PwC works in security, implementation, and provides services. Following the presentation, there was a very good question and answer session between students and presenters. This allowed for my in depth questions about PwC opportunities for interns and students seeking full-time employment. Overall, I really enjoyed the role I played in this AIMS meeting the presentation itself.

-Brad Smith, Ambassador Lead


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