MIS Courses: CS 120

Three months have passed since I first realized I was about to delve into a world of computer programming with CS 120. In that short amount of time, I have gone from barely being able to name a single coding language, to being halfway decent at writing in one. But the class has been so much more than that. Professors Ralph Hooper and Larry Tribble have given us a scientific and philosophical view of the programming world, tailoring it to our novice minds and allowing us to not only program in C++, but to understand the reasoning behind it all. The syntax and logic of the language is always tied back in to a greater theme, which will certainly be useful as we move forward throughout the MIS program, learning other languages and methods of interfacing with our electronic tools.

The work has been challenging from the start, but it has always been a learning opportunity. Though the pacing has been quite fast, help sessions and willing upperclassmen work to prevent anybody who seeks advice from sinking. We have settled into a pace that has us coding regularly, using the mechanics and ideas learned during the first half of the semester to develop a permanent and diverse skill set. Professor Hooper has regular updates on classwork, tests, and lecture material available for viewing on a class twitter. I have found this immensely helpful, as it shows a real-time stream of important notices concerning the work at hand. Lastly, Professors Hooper and Tribble have given us something I find very valuable: a real look at how the material we are learning will assist us in the coming years as we continue into the degree and eventually the workforce.

– Michael Ryce, CS 120


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