Capstone Experience: Randall-Reilly

As we have eclipsed the one month mark into this project, our team is moving quickly in preparing for the development of an online reporting dashboard. Our goal for the dashboard is to give customers the opportunity to see their return on investment for the advertising campaigns that they run through Randall-Reilly.

Our first order of business was to engage our Project Sponsor with questions about how the development of this dashboard was to be accomplished. Immediately, we learned that we would develop the solution in what is called LAMP Architecture (Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database, PHP). Because the team’s overall knowledge of the components of LAMP was limited, we have been forced to learn on the fly!

In addition to the development of the dashboard, our team was tasked with developing a data model for Randall-Reilly to model their databases after. The data model includes all data gathered from the ad campaigns so that the customer can see the full range of how their investment is performing. The accuracy of the data model is critical because Randall-Reilly will be creating the databases concurrently while our Capstone team is developing the User Interface. Therefore, we must be in consistent communication with our Project Sponsor to ensure that there are no missteps.

In the very near future, our team will begin to develop this dashboard as our knowledge and understanding of LAMP Architecture increases so we can hit the ground running.


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