WIT: Trivia Night

Thursday night, I joined WIT for a fun time at Wilhagen’s where we took on the crowd for Trivia night. We arrived early to get seats and spent some time hanging out and socializing over nachos. After deliberation, we decided to call ourselves the Witty Bunch. WIT started off strong with big points on the first two questions. Robin took MVP for the first couple of rounds, and we were in the Top 20 by the end of the half.

As a 295 student, it was a great way to get to know some more of the upperclassman girls. Not only are the wise women of Capstone knowledgeable about systems design, but they can also name all six locations of Real Housewives. I have attended several of the recent networking events this semester, and trivia night was a good opportunity to talk to students in a more relaxed environment. WIT has been invaluable in my MIS experience so far. The girls that I met have been more than willing to provide advice on everything from projects to internship interviews. I learned a lot of fun facts at Trivia night, but I also learned that there is plenty of fun to look forward to in MIS.

-Elizabeth Roberts, 295 Student


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