MIS Event: Social Event on the Quad

The unofficial slogan for the Management Information Systems program has long been “Work Hard, Play Hard.” However, at times it seems as though the “Work Hard” half of this mantra has taken precedent. Between AIMS meetings, Capstone projects, internship searches, and other responsibilities, MIS students stay very focused on their work.

With no AIMS meeting scheduled this week, the MIS program was presented with an opportunity to remedy this situation. On Tuesday, October 16th, the program hosted an MIS Social Event on the Quad. This event gave students an opportunity to take a break from their busy schedules and have some fun. Food was provided (it wouldn’t be a proper MIS event without food), and students from 295 through Capstone came out to socialize, throw a football, let their dogs run, and enjoy the evening. This was a great opportunity for networking, as Capstone students were able to share what they were working on with younger students that they may have never met before.

The event proved to be a success, with approximately 140 students in attendance. But more importantly, it was a success because it reminded us that the MIS program is not entirely focused on work all the time. It gave us a perfect opportunity to hang out with classmates, make new friends, and “play hard.”


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