Capstone Experience: Cbeyond

Since the beginning of the Spring 2012 semester, our Capstone team has been working on an internal IT project for Cbeyond, a cloud and communications services provider for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cbeyond currently uses a combination of manual processes and an internal tool to organize high-level estimations they use to determine some of their IT development capacity. The owner of this process utilizes Cbeyond’s project tracking software and their human resource tracking system to compare project demand in total hours to the total hours that a Cbeyond resource may have available to complete the work. The company wanted to implement a more robust solution to support forecasting future internal IT project capability.

Our Capstone Team is currently working with Cbeyond to develop a solution to bring a dynamic capability to the process of forecasting the total hours associated with supply, an IT organization’s available headcount, and with demand, an IT organization’s current workload.

In September 2012, the Capstone team traveled to Atlanta to meet with our project sponsors and gather both functional and technical requirements. Since our trip, we have worked to translate the ideas we took away from those meetings into tangible requirements to include in our solution. We have recently submitted our analyze-phase deliverables for approval and are now beginning work in the design phase of the project. We are beginning to completely grasp the full vision of our solution, are excited to meet our goal of providing Cbeyond with a solution to improving internal processes and about facing the obstacles in front of us in order to do so.

-Jake Shubert


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