Capstone Experience: Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is a global software solutions provider specializing in computer-aided design of large infrastructure. Our Capstone team has been partnering with several members of Bentley’s Applied Research Group in order to add new, innovative features to an existing iOS application, Bentley Navigator for iPad. This application allows users to view and manipulate three-dimensional models. Our team was originally given the task of integrating outside content in a useful manner, allowing users of the application to access important documents and websites at the touch of a button. However, our scope has been constantly evolving as the semester continues, and there are several new features in the pipeline.

The first of our additions is the inclusion of external content into the application, which our team successfully completed in late September. This was accomplished by implementing a modal web display within the application. The web display slides up over the model, allowing the user to view content such as technical specification sheets, drawings and blueprints, photos, and other documents from within the application. Upon the completion of this piece of functionality, our team was presented with a new challenge: we needed to provide the user with an understanding of how their current perspective and the underlying model are related. To do this, we decided to allow the user to adjust the opacity of the web view to their liking. This way, the context of a document or website is readily available.

Going forward, we have the opportunity to incorporate several exciting features into the application. Among the most innovative of these is the inclusion of QR code scanning to view the properties of a component within a model. This would allow the user to walk to a physical point within a structure, scan a QR code on an object, and immediately view that object’s properties within the application. By adding these features, users can take advantage of their existing models and transform their workflow processes.


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