Capstone Experience: ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp is an international German conglomerate, which owns and operates many business groups in the United States. In addition to being one of the world’s largest steel producers, the company also has large-scale operations in the automotive, elevator/escalator, materials, and industrial services industries. In 2011, ThyssenKrupp IT Services North America (TKIT-NA) was established to operate as an IT shared services organization. TKIT-NA currently has a growing demand from it’s customers that requires greater efficiency. To improve quality of service, customer satisfaction and efficiency, the company is currently seeking to standardize and align all of their existing processes utilizing Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. This will allow TKIT-NA to better serve the needs of ThyssenKrupp’s business groups.

TKIT-NA has challenged our Capstone team with three primary objectives, which are: designing a future Change Management process aligned with ITIL best practices, an implementation plan for transition to the new process, and a recommendation for two additional process alignments which would add the most business value. We began this project by conducting research on ThyssenKrupp and ITIL, identifying stakeholders, and familiarizing ourselves with ThyssenKrupp’s current Change Management process and policy.

Last week our team traveled to Alpharetta, GA where TKIT-NA was established. We spent the day meeting with stakeholders from different functional groups across the company. These stakeholders helped us visualize how the current Change Management process operates and provided data necessary for us to assess its maturity level. They also supplied us with a wealth of information about their respective groups and what growth and opportunity they hope to achieve. At the end of the day the Executive board joined us and described the strategy of the company as an IT unit, nationally and globally.

The meeting brought us to where we are today. Following the onsite, we have compiled all of the stakeholders’ feedback and begun to identify requirements, pain points, and discrepancies between the established process and what actually occurs. We have conducted an informal capability maturity assessment to identify the maturity level of the current process and determine steps that need to be taken to implement ITIL best practices. We are utilizing the knowledge of companies that the UA MIS Program has established relationships with and also new companies in order to benchmark and instill practices that have led to the success of many organizations. We are excited about the work that we have done so far and we are proud to have the opportunity to help ThyssenKrupp move into a new chapter of opportunity and growth.


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