Capstone Experience: Southern Belle

We are the Southern Belle team working for our client, Gold One Enterprises. Southern Belle is an online retailer of women’s t-shirts that recently branched out into the “big box” market, selling their shirts in Hibbett Sports and Shoe Station. Since our clients have shifted their focus to the wholesale of their products, their online sales have not performed as well as in the past. Our client’s have also acquired two new brands, one of which they would like to be launched soon in order to take advantage of the upcoming holiday shopping season. Southern Belle has great social media following, but has failed to really leverage that following to increase online sales.

Our team has been tasked with turning the performance of their online sales around, launching their new brand and taking advantage of their online following by engaging their new and existing customers. We hope to improve brand loyalty while strengthening customer retention and utilizing their existing customer base to launch their new brand.

So far our team has been creating mock-ups for the site for their new brand. We have also been researching ways that we can implement gamefication through social media to engage their customers. We have also been analyzing their existing eCommerce solution and whether or not it’s the best fit for their company moving forward.


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