AIMS: Aflac

The AIMS meeting last night was a little crazy and out of the ordinary. Only meaning that by the presenter was late due to traffic because a semi crashed on the highway. All in all the presentation went great. Aflac is based out of Columbus, GA. Some main points that Aflac lives by is that they are soulful, passionate, dedicated, balanced, diverse, ethical, and genuine. The presenter mentioned that the culture of Aflac is a family orientated business. Aflac has also won a few awards for this one being best place to work for.

Aflac offers both full-time job offers or internships. If you are looking for a full-time position, they said there interview process goes a little like this: first phone screening (to get to know you), second a higher editor will check your technology level, third you will go to an on-site interview, and finally a decision will be made from there. There is a similar process for the internship as well. First, you will have a phone screening and from there you will go on a two day on site interview, where you will be checking out the company. It also seemed as if Aflac was looking to find more technical skills than business skills. All of Aflac’s IT operations take place in Columbus, GA. Lastly, I would have to say it sounded like Aflac is a great place to work at.

Tyler Shaw, MIS Junior


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