Capstone Experience: dunnhumby

Our team is very excited to be working on a new dunnhumbyUSA project this semester. dunnhumbyUSA is a leader in data analytics and customer analysis for retail clients. As they like to say, “We help companies put customers at the center of every decision. We use our insight to improve customers’ retail and brand experience to earn their lifetime loyalty.” If you have ever used a shopper loyalty card from a major retailer, dunnhumby was probably behind its creation.

The problem in which we have been tasked to solve lies in the realm between social media research and store-to-customer engagement. Our goal is to ease dunnhumbyUSA’s transition into social media data mining while at the same time creating a useful, informative shopping experience for the end user.

The solution we will be providing has been dubbed Consumerology: an online, dynamic infographic that will allow shoppers the ability to analyze their own shopping behaviors and receive recommendations for better savings and new products. Consumerology will be shareable between friends through various methods including social media outlets. This social media tie-in will also allow dunnhumbyUSA to increase their understanding of customer shopping habits.

Imagine, if you will, visiting your favorite store’s website. You enter your shopping loyalty card number and log in using your Facebook account. By setting certain preferences within Consumerology, you are able to customize the experience to your needs. Not too long after, Consumerology will deliver an interactive infographic displaying such information as:
• your favorite time of the week to shop vs. the store’s busiest time of the week
• the different product segments within the store and which ones you purchase the most
• the amount of savings you receive by using your shopper loyalty card
• suggestions on which products will give you the biggest savings
• tips on recycling and “going green”

These insights, as well as many others, begin to give you a deeper understanding of where your shopping dollars are going, how you can make that last buck go further, how you can save time and money. And of course, since this is linked with social media, you will be able to compare your information to others who choose to do the same.
Consumerology will go through its entire life cycle under our Capstone team, from research and planning all the way through testing and implementation. It is an innovative solution to an exciting problem and we are eager to work with dunnhumbyUSA on such an endeavor.


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