Capstone Experiene: Lowe’s

We are the Lowe’s iPhone Solution Team and this semester we are working on adding functionality to Lowe’s current iPhone app. Lowe’s is continually differentiating itself from online competitors by the increasing the relationships between customers and associates through exceptional customer service. Lowe’s is looking to our team to provide additional functionality to their application to keep customers in the store, and help each store tailor its customer experience to its local clientele.

For the first several weeks, we have been confirming project charters between the team and Lowe’s, making wireframes, process flows, functionality maps, and user scenarios to help us further understand the scope and requirements of the project. We have used Adobe Photoshop, Omnigraffle, iPhone mockup websites, and Microsoft Visio to create our documentation and present our work to our client.

I am serving as the team Technical Lead, and my role is to maintain the team space and help with any problem other team members may have concerning technical matters, whether it is hardware- or software-related. In addition, I am responsible for weekly backups for our team SharePoint site. I am enjoying my role as tech lead; one reason is I recently had to do updates to all computers our team uses and I quickly learned I needed to multi-task on this in order to get it completed in a timely manner.

As a team, we have been preparing for when we begin developing our project by watching and following along with XCode tutorials from Paul Hegarty, who is an Apple application professor at Stanford University. I am excited to get our hands dirty and learn more about the languages we will be developing in and begin the development portion of our projects in a couple of weeks.

-Rachel Dunn


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