Capstone Experience: Unum

Our team, referred to as the “Think Tank” team, is working for our client Unum. Unum is a multi-national, Fortune 500 Company, who is the largest disability insurance provider world-wide. The goal of our project is to develop an “online employee idea submission portal” to provide Unum employees with a community atmosphere in which they can submit, vote, and comment on company-wide ideas. The development of this portal will make sure no good idea slips in between the cracks and that it provides Unum with a sense of transparency throughout the company.

So far, our team has been working mostly within the plan and analyze phases, coming up with benchmarking, user cases, process flows, and wireframes to present to our clients during weekly client meetings. I have been spending most of my individual time developing the wireframes based on information collected from client meetings and the requirements set forth by the charter. I have discovered that the website is a very useful tool when creating wireframes as it allows the user to create a “screenshot” of their intended website.

Our team will be traveling to Chattanooga Tennessee next Thursday for our on-site client meeting with the Innovation team at Unum.

-Matthew Rieger, 1st Semester Capstone Student


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