AIMS: Ernst & Young

AIMS gladly welcomed Nicole Underwood, Journet Edwards, Megan Clark, Jason Walter, and Todd Johnson from Ernst and Young on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. The representatives, all based in Atlanta and working in advisory services, shared information about the company’s purpose, current status, corporate culture, and job opportunities. The speakers placed great emphasis on the company’s goal to architect and optimize business process, to design and implement technologies that drive performance, and to achieve and sustain transferability through collaboration and discipline. Ernst and Young takes recognition as having outstanding market and analytical leaders in the business. They also took great pride in harvesting a culture of energetic, diverse, and enthusiastic employees.

Nicole started the presentation by speaking to the company’s focus of being a global presence by being diverse thinkers and solution providers. Megan then spoke about that globalization in context of the changing economy and appealing to clients during the current economic climate. Next, they focused their attention to Ernst and Young’s performance agenda (grow, innovate, protect, and optimize) and to their training and learning program inside the company that they called EYU. Lastly, they touched on the process of becoming a part of the E&Y team by speaking about the interview process and requirements that the company looks for. Since the representatives were UA grads out of the MIS program, they all had great insight into the transition from student to full time employee. They all agreed that the MIS program was an excellent venue for gaining the skills that they use every day.

UA MIS thanks them for their time and we look forward to partnering with such an innovative company.

Spencer Riley, Junior


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