Capstone Experience: Meyer-Chatfield Team

By offering consultation, education, and service, Meyer-Chatfield is committed to being the bank-owned life insurance resource for America’s financial institutions. Their primary mission is to assist financial institutions in crafting and deploying valuable, tax-advantaged, BOLI strategies. They have been helping banks find innovative and secure BOLI investment strategies since 1992. Their 360- degree BOLI evaluation strategy considers not just the market risks, but more subtle factors including administration, reputation, and diversification, as well.

Meyer-Chatfield has tasked our team with optimizing their SugarCRM(customer relationship management) system. SugarCRM is their customer relationship management system that allows Meyer-Chatfield to communicate with their clients, share sales information among their group of companies, and manage their business as a whole. In providing the best solution to Meyer-Chatfield, we are optimizing SugarCRM by simplifying the creation of workflow tasks, role assignments, team assignments, notifications, reporting, marketing, and forecasting. We will also provide Meyer-Chatfield with a detailed training manual explaining all of the features of Sugar that we optimized and how to correctly use them. The final part of our project will pertain to the utilization of the marketing module inside of Sugar. This module will allow Meyer-Chatfield to integrate their marketing practices with Sugar, leading to an increase in exposure to both current and target clients.

In order to accomplish all of these deliverables, we needed a way to interact with their SugarCRM system. Shortly, after beginning our project, we were granted access to their SugarCRM through a sandbox environment, allowing us to explore and understand their system. Initially, it was overwhelming for the team because of the number of modules and information that can be stored and organized inside of Sugar. However, after three short weeks, we have an understanding of the system and are formulating a deliverables plan. We are well on our way to providing the best solution. We look forward to working alongside Meyer-Chatfield.

Will Ellis, MIS Senior


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