AIMS: Regions

Regions Financial had a great presentation for the MIS Program Tuesday night. Regions gave a brief overview of their core systems in which IT and Database Administration is essential. Their core systems include: Deposits and Payments, Loans and Mortgage, Finance, and Human Resources. They use various applications such as Websphere and Mainframe computing, and programming languages such as COBOL, .NET, and Java in order to maintain these systems. Surprisingly, less than ten percent of their systems are written in Java. As a result, someone with expertise in COBOL and Mainframe is in high demand at Regions.

Another aspect of their operations that they were excited about presenting was their numerous IT projects that are expected to launch in 2013. Over 200 active projects are expected to roll out in 2013. As a result, more than $110 million is being capitalized to invest in these projects. What was particularly interesting was their internship and other career opportunities. Regions highlighted their MA, Management Association program; an internship program which they ensured would give students entering the program invaluable experience and guidance from senior management in the company. Areas in which positions are available in the MA program include: Operations and Technology, Risk Analytics, Corporate Finance just to name a few. Also, other areas where career opportunities are available include but are not limited to: Application, Information Security, Database Administration, and Analytics. Overall Regions was very informative and interactive; they gave away a bike! They made you excited about their company and interested in possibly pursuing a career at Regions.

Matthew Crowder, MIS Junior


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