MIS Courses: MIS 340

One month into the semester of MIS 340 and we have already gained incredible insight into the world of data communication. Our professor is Sam Thompson, a PhD student who has spent time working with computer systems in the military and training business professionals in IS security. Sam’s goals for the class include making sure that when we go to work we never have to call the IT department for help, and shedding light on the black box that is data processing. These things are definitely going to help make us more valuable in the workplace, something we all should concentrate on as we progress in our studies.

One of the first things we learned is what is inside a computer; Sam took one apart for us on the second day of class and had us watch a video on it later that week. We then dove into the 5 layer Internet model that consists of Physical, Data link, Network, Transport, and Application layers. We learned about the functions of each layer and how they interact to create the Internet, as we know it. Soon we’ll take a “field trip” that Sam has planned for us to tour the Data Center on campus. The tour will give us a first hand look at all of the hardware that is integral to the way our campus operates.

Although MIS 340 requires a lot of focus and attention to detail, I genuinely look forward to going to class every Tuesday/Thursday because I come away from each lecture having learned something new about data communications and hardware that I know will help me to succeed in my future technical endeavors.

Taylor Konkel, MIS Junior


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