WIT: Game Night

Last Monday, WIT had our annual Game Night kick off event. Several girls gathered at Robin’s house to play games, eat Chik-Fil-A, socialize with friends, and get to know other girls in the MIS major. Since there are not very many girls in the MIS major, having WIT events are an awesome way for newer girls in the major to meet women who are further ahead in the program and receive advice and guidance.

For the first thirty minutes, the girls socialized and got to meet each other while we ate. Next, we had everyone introduce themself and explain where they were in the program. We were very happy to have multiple girls from the MIS 295 class come to their first event. Next we played several rounds of Catchphrase. The two teams were quite competitive which made for lots of fun. While team two put up a good fight, in the end, team one won 2 rounds to 1. The WIT officers would like to thank all the girls who attended the event and encourage all other women in the major to come out for future social and business events. WIT’s next social event will be a trivia night at Wilhagen’s on October 18th. We hope to see everyone there!

Hannah Roden, WIT Officer


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