Career Fair: Information and Tips

It’s about that time again! Every year, the University of Alabama is fortunate to hold a career fair for the students that attend. This year, the General Career Fair will be held on Wednesday, September 19. The Technical Career Fair will be held on Thursday, September 20. Both will be held in the Bryant Conference Center. This is a great opportunity for students of all ages to get a chance to talk to a multitude of businesses and their recruiters about possible internships, jobs, and even just general knowledge of the businesses themselves.

Before you head into the conference center, here are a few things that will make this process much easier. First, always remember to dress appropriately and professionally. Having a wrinkled suit, or an ugly stain can give off the appearance of laziness. Next, practice your elevator speech. This is just a quick introduction that lets the recruiter know your name, year, and a few interesting things about yourself. Also, don not forget plenty of resumes (35-40 to be exact)! There will be many businesses of all trades and markets there, possibly looking for someone just like you, to give an interview to. Finally, just breathe. The men and women of these companies are just people too, and they are looking forward to talk to you.

Eric Harper, MIS Junior


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