MIS Courses: MIS 320

When this semester started, Andrew, our professor, and Ham, the teaching assistant, wasted no time bringing the MIS 320 students up to speed on the course material. Andrew started by presenting slide shows about the Architecture, i.e. the design aspect of building web pages; noting how important design was to the overall application. We learned how to view the HTML of any website by clicking right on mouse and view source. They then went on to show more slides about Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which consisted of nested elements and tags within a HTML page, which is also referred to as a document, Ham then followed the presentation with an in-class example/demonstration (www.w3schools.com being a great resource). We were also introduced to wireframes which are literally a visual method for interacting with users and stakeholders, in example, what the application is going to look like.

Then, Andrew gave us our first assignment, which was due last Thursday, in which we had to perform the functions we learned in class in order to improve an existing HTML page that was plain, and submit a wire frame for each web page we made. During the next class Ham presented CSS, another helpful tool in designing a HTML page, which he demonstrated in class how to set up, and gave us a couple examples of the syntax. This past week, the class has been continuing to explore CSS, and we have been given our second assignment.

Emily Jackson, MIS 320


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