AIMS: International Paper

On Tuesday, September 11, 2012 AIMS welcomed International Paper, along with its employees Kalyn Brown (IT Business Specialist III), George Donsbach (IT Business Analyst II), and Don Harris (IT Business Analyst I). International Paper was founded in 1898, and is currently headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. IP presently has around 70,000 employees worldwide, and is averaging over 29 billion dollars in net sales annually. Although many companies within the paper industry are beginning to struggle as our world becomes more and more digital, International Paper has stayed ahead of the curve and continues to excel as a leader in its respective industries (Industries include: Paper, Industrial Packaging, Consumer Packaging, and Distribution).

The team of IP employees began by giving us an overview of the company, which was intended to provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the services International Paper provides to its customers. For instance, IP is not only involved in manufacturing paper, but they are also industry leaders in Industrial and Consumer Packaging. One might think that IP has struggled recently with the down turn in international economies, but George welcomed and addressed that concern by explaining to the audience that IP has actually benefitted from the international recessions. He eluded that IP has been able to recognize and address weaknesses within their supply chain management. Weaknesses that otherwise would have gone unrecognized had it not been for the international economic struggles. Kalyn, George, and Don also came bearing gifts, and before concluding the meeting they proceeded to pass out some shirts and pads of paper to those students that participated throughout the presentation.

International Paper is looking to hire students interested in full-time positions, as well as interns for the summer of 2013. If you are interested in working for IP make sure to stop by and see them at the Career Fair next week to give them your resume.

-Jimbo Haneklau, MIS Junior


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