AIMS: Accenture

September 6th welcomed a diverse group of presenters from Accenture. They opened with a video encapsulating what Accenture is all about. The video showcased their role as a leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing. Accenture provides services for 94% of Fortune 100 companies. Andy Lindsey (Senior Executive/Partner) spoke about how they maintain their clientele by providing hands on client experience, high performance business research, and a vast network of business offices. Accenture’s 246,000 plus employees have spent over 330,000 hours volunteering for projects in their local community. Accenture is looking as well to add over 40,000 employees this year alone. Accenture maintains their growth and business success by focusing on people and training. Their employees truly believe in these ideals as many choose to embark on Accenture Development Partnerships where employees will take a 50% pay cut and spend a year in non-profit work from Vietnam to the Balkans.

Each representative talked about their role in the company as well as a day in their life. Their locations included New York, Sans Francisco, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Raleigh. Rebecca Loudermilk (Manager) is a specialist (Accenture is the only diamond sponsor of and talked about how Accenture is using that platform to help their clients stay ahead. Paul Guevara (Analyst) discussed his work for the Defense Logistics Agency in Washington D.C. John Watkins (Business Analyst), Iesha Williams (Systems Consultant), and Travis Hatt (Application Testing) also discussed their diverse work with the company. All of the representatives were clearly passionate about their work and their company. Accenture plainly provides an upstanding work environment as well as superior consulting services.

– John Powers, MIS Junior


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