Resume Review

Every year, the University of Alabama MIS program holds a Resume Review session. This year, students were invited to sign up for a time on Tuesday, September 4, to go through the process. For many students, building an effective and presentable resume is a challenge so early in their professional career. Some of us may feel that we lack relevant work experience or technical knowledge. This process allowed students a chance to learn how to play to their strengths and present themselves as young business professionals. Whether you’re seeking an internship or planning to enter the workforce soon, this is a crucial skill. Working with older students and faculty members also gives students a chance to get some face-time with their peers and potential mentors.

Following the Resume Review session, students were asked to submit their revised resumes to be included in the UA MIS Resume Book. This book is published by the UA MIS program every semester and sent to companies and recruiters as a way to showcase the talent within our program. The MIS program at UA has a job placement track record that is almost unheard of, and there’s no doubt that some of the credit for that can be attributed to the level of assistance that the staff provides in preparing resumes and getting them in front of recruiters.

– Bradley Williams, MIS 330


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