MIS 295: Interview Prep Session and Welcome Back Event

This past Tuesday night I felt the passing of my academic career go from textbook memorization to real world application. As a sophomore, this was the first formal gathering of the MIS student body that I had ever been a part of. Going into the meeting, I had initial expectations of taking notes on a PowerPoint presentation, collaborating with students about what to wear, and eating quickly to avoid awkward situations with the upperclassman. Once the meeting began, I slowly began to piece together the reality that this was not at all what I had thought it would be. I soon came to the conclusion that this event was specifically generated for students to ask practical questions that may or may not occur during an interviewing process. We covered material from the attire necessary to present yourself in a professional environment, all the way to post-interview follow-up procedures. All of the topics were curiosity driven.

As the night progressed, the setting changed dynamics from formal to much more casual. After the meeting was dismissed the student body went to a separate location to enjoy dinner as an opportunity to build personal relationships. The time spent together was such a great opportunity for underclassman to process and ask questions to the upperclassman. I sat at a table with three upperclassmen and two fellow MIS 295 classmates. Those around my table who have been around the program were surprisingly willing to make us feel comfortable. Tuesday’s meeting was an important night for both my relationship familiarity with other classmates and taking steps forward in my comprehension of real world expectations.

-Sam Roberts, MIS 295


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