Student Internship: International Paper

Hi again from Memphis, TN. I cannot believe I only have 3 more weeks here at International Paper!! It has truly gone by so quickly and I have learned so much. Lately, I have been working on finishing up documentation to present a pilot project for using iPads to remotely access employees’ laptops at their workstations. I have also been designated to update our SharePoint Directory for all of Papers IT Business groups’ sites and create graphs and charts to show the growth since last year. I have also just begun a project to inform employees about the new cell phone carrier options and the process for receiving a company phone that I will be working on with the telecommunications intern.

One of my favorite projects my boss put me on though, is coming up with IT tips to send out to IP employees. The tips range from Microsoft Office tips to tips on the new telephone system put in place. I send out at least 2 a week and employees are given the chance to give feedback about other topics they are interested in as well. It has been great to see how appreciative people are for these useful tips and I have been able to meet a lot of people because they come to me for help with other IT topics.

Another project I have been working on is entering the final stages of implementation. It is a SharePoint site that is used as a portal to track trial orders of IP products. I set up the views and alerts for all the Sales Representatives, Customer Service Agents, Mill Contacts, Supply Planners, and Freight Forwarders so they can see their specified orders and get emails when there are status changes. It has been really exciting to see something that was first started in January come this far and become a working site. I will be working with our SharePoint lead to help with the maintenance of the site and learn more about SharePoint development.

Other than that, I have just been exploring Memphis and all that it has to offer. It is a pretty neat city and has some amazing restaurants. IP has been such a great company to complete my internship with and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting every single person and getting to experience my first taste of the “real world” here.

-Stephanie Kenaston


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