Student Internship: Ernst & Young

Hello from Country Music City, USA! I’m a little more than half way through with my internship at Ernst & Young, and it’s been a great experience. So far I’ve learned about ITGC Walkthroughs, Mercury Workplans, and SOC 1s (Service Organization Controls). I’ve gotten to sit in on client meetings to gather information for testing and walkthroughs, as well as budget and team meetings.

When reviewing IT General Controls Walkthroughs and testing, I can see how MIS has taught me well. As I’m reading these documents and referring to evidence, I’m continually developing process flows. In fact, a staff on my engagement saw me writing as I was reviewing a walk-through, and asked what I was doing. I show him my charts and process flows, and he was happily surprised! Also, MIS has taught me what questions to ask. When I’m reviewing evidence, I’m constantly considering “Who? What? When? Where? Why?” which helps to ensure that I’m thoroughly looking at the whole picture. I have also learned to re-perform Internal Audit’s change management, logical access, and IT operation control testing. It’s like detective work, and it can be both challenging and fun. My review can range anywhere from finding discrepancies in grammar to inconsistent information to unreasonable access.

Aside from work, Ernst & Young has made sure to encourage team bonding. Last week, we had a cooking class, where we learned to cook chicken, pasta, salad, and gelato, although everything had fancier French names than that. And besides these organized events, I’ve had dinner, gone to exercise classes, and went swimming with the other interns, including our new Canadian intern (which I realized, unfortunately, I know little about Canada, other than from what I’ve learned in “How I Met Your Mother”). Also, before the 4th of July holiday, we spent two days volunteering with Junior Achievement and St. Luke’s, where we painted buildings, landscaped playgrounds, and made classroom packets. I’ve been invited to many happy hours, and my team goes out to lunch together most days. It’s been a truly great experience!

–Andrea Olson


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