Student Internship: FedEx

Hi everybody, this is report from Memphis. I have been working in FedEx Service for about three weeks. Honestly speaking, every day for me is full of learning new, challenging things.

I am working in the Station & Courier Solution department. Since my minor is GIS, my manager and mentor wanted to use my MIS knowledge combined with GIS theory to help them implement a future application. So far, my primary role has been focused on testing a GIS map simulator plugged into the Powerpad, an exclusive FedEx currier mobile scanner device. It is anticipated that this application will focus on enabling two primary use cases on the mobile scanning platform. These use cases are “Show Me” and “Take Me”. The “Show Me” use case will provide normal map interfaces (pan, zoom, etc.) that show individual delivery stop locations on a map. The “Take Me” use case will provide turn by turn directions to a specified stop location.

In order to have a general idea about FedEx Service and my department during the first week, I read a lot of documentation not only from the business side but also some GIS requirements. One feature of all FedEx documentation is that the acronyms are wildly popular. It takes me a while to recognize all abbreviations and to understand the real meaning. In the second week, I attended several PowerPad meeting and I knew that the FedEx IT service had a really short sprint in two or three weeks. The reason a short sprint is used is because it will easily follow the changing requirements from clients and also break down the tasks for people to finish. They created a Team Foundation Server (TSK) and history record to deal with the bugs during the sprint process. Last week, I got the license of the geospatial platform SDK, it was based on Microsoft Visual Studio and I used C# create a demo software. I have already met with an engineer from Telogis, who is the third party providing the GIS SDK to FedEx. I have been trained to work with different groups of people and we will work together for the next coming sprint.

All in all, I believe there will be more challenges for me to conquer in the future seven weeks. The internship is not only an every day workload, but also daily meals and social networks with peer and managers. The culture of “Purple Promise” will teach me more about that FedEx is not a company only delivers package but the whole framework behind.

–Yue Wu


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