Student Internship: FedEx

My first week at FedEx has been incredible. I am working in Solutions, specifically in Strategic Projects and Peak Forecasting. Basically, we handle the systems and changes FedEx stresses during high-traffic times of year such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other holidays. The main system worked on by this group, Webalytics, provides charting and graphing presentation tools for sales people to use when pitching business advantages and disadvantages to clients. My objectives for the summer are to enhance and maintain the Webalytics systems, as well as add in a new tool called CIA. This tool will allow sales people to make more pitches and sales calls per week, which will provide more value to the company. So far, I have been examining the existing code trying to grasp all the functions of Webalytics and how all the parts work together. Also, I was given the task of researching software that would convert HTML code directly to image files. This will make it easier to export the charts and graphs into the PowerPoint files. After a fair amount of research I found several options. After some testing we narrowed the list down to two options, one costing around $150 and the other around $1000. We presented them to our managers, who decided the $150 tool was the superior one. We have since purchased the software and are currently working on implementing it. It is challenging but rewarding work, and it is a rapidly growing tool for the company, so there is a lot of work to be done. So far, I have been extremely well-prepared for the tasks they have given me, and I know that this is due to the experiences I’ve had through MIS. It’s astounding, really.

FedEx has it’s headquarters, tech center, and solutions offices stationed in Memphis, TN, and the company is truly the lifeblood of the city. There is a FedEx office on every corner, and FedEx employees get discounts everywhere. It’s a wonderful subculture that is woven throughout Memphis. The corporate culture is surprisingly laid back for such a huge company. You are expected to manage your own time, but the amount of hours you work per day is really dependent upon how much work you complete. The culture is definitely unique and I love it so far! Memphis itself is amazing. It is different than any city I have ever explored. The food is wonderful. I am basically eating my way across the city. There is something for everyone: art events, hiking and biking trails, music, the zoo, and tons more! I do not even know about most of the city, but the people I work with are great at suggesting new things to try and experience. Overall, my internship has been a great experience so far and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks hold!

–Anna Claire Reid


One response to “Student Internship: FedEx

  1. I’d love to hear about any of your writing experiences during your internship. It helps those of us preparing students for the workplace know what you’re asked to do. Have fun!

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