Student Internship: Home Depot

I have survived my first week at the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S, aka The Home Depot! The first week of training was pretty long and a little overwhelming, but very informative. We got the chance to work in the stores and see what it is like to work with our customers directly. This helped us, as associates realize who our systems are impacting on a daily basis and how important they really are. The IT interns also did a store technology walk where we toured the front and back systems at a Home Depot store.

Later in the week, we meet our managers and started working in our teams. I am interning in Online Technology (or as they call it here dotcom) in the Information Technology department. I am working with a matrix team including several divisions of IT as well as other departments for a proof of concept project. The great part of my project is getting to work with people throughout the company such as merchandizing, inventory systems, and store operations. As my project is currently in the discovery phase, I am helping with such processes as creating the charter and defining the business requirements. I look forward to watching the project develop and am excited about being a part of managing some of the smaller tracks of our project.

Most of Home Depot’s dotcom department is located across the street from their main building (the SSC and also Home Depot Head Quarters) at “The Treehouse”. I am privileged be located in “The Treehouse” along with the rest of my team. The building is a test run to how they would like to redesign their headquarters to make sure the concept works. The cubes are shorter and most of the walls are white boards, which creates a very interactive environment. They also have a Xbox kinect room and a golf putting green downstairs for when you just need a little break from work. I have to say I don’t mind the modern and relaxed atmosphere of the dotcom world and look forward to a great summer here in Atlanta!

–Bridget Williams


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