Summer Internship: HP

Hello from the great state of Texas! I have been in Houston for almost a month and I have already learned so much about city life, work life and well, just life in general.I am interning with Hewlett-Packard this summer and I love being here during such a dynamic time. The opportunity to see all of the change and improvements first hand has honestly made me excited and proud of where this company is headed.

During my time at HP, I am working with the GRC-IT ERMS group or Global Regulatory Compliance IT- Enterprise Records Management Systems (just a slight mouthful!). The goal of the program is to assist HP Legal store records in order to be prepared for any future litigation. If only doing that was as simple as it sounds! The first day was a little overwhelming but luckily I have the absolute best manager and mentors an intern could ask for. Although the first few days consisted of trainings and such, it only took a matter of two days before I was assigned to a project- as the actual Project Manager. Since then I have also picked up another project where I am playing the PM role, another with a Business Analyst focus, and last but not least I am about to start up on a project on the Development side.

This internship has already opened so many doors. As a Spanish minor and International Honors student I really wanted the opportunity to see how those skills can be utilized in the business world. I have already worked with people all over the U.S. in countries including Mexico, India and Egypt. Also, because legal issues affect all areas across HP, I have been able to work with people internally from all different IT and functional groups.

I can already tell how well this internship is preparing me to enter the Capstone in the fall. I am learning SDLC and other work practices that I know will be an integral part of the Capstone. I also think receiving exposure to the different roles of a project is going to help me transition into the role that best suits me on my future team. Most of all, I think it will help me appreciate my Project Manager- it is definitely no easy task!

In a nutshell, in the past three weeks I have: learned how to make it through a work day without four cups of coffee, conquered city traffic and realized that I am in the perfect place to prepare me for the career I want. I am working on a team that gives me responsibility and makes sure I know they are there every step of the way. I could not ask for more and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer in Houston. Hook ‘em…um, I mean…Roll Tide!

-Allison Inclan


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