101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work: Make It Happen

One way to gain a competitive edge is to search for high-level tasks
or a challenging project that will have a significant impact in the company.
Keep in mind that it must be a project you can do with a high degree of success.After you find the right project,go to your supervisor and propose that you take it over or handle it. Be the first one to jump in and offer to do tasks that others do not want to do,but make sure you are qualified to do the tasks. A good way to learn new skills is to help someone who is more experienced so that you can learn how to do similar projects when the opportunity arises.

If possible, find something you can contribute that aligns with your
strengths. In that way, you will have an advantage. Make sure that
what you attempt to accomplish is something that clearly benefits
your supervisor or the company so that it has the maximum impact.

TIP:Seek out challenging projects and tasks that will have an impact on the

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