Capstone Experience: dunnhumbyUSA Team

Since our last blog, we have continued to design and develop application features in order to meet dunnhumbyUSA’s functional requirements and enhance analysts’ ability to provide their clients with valuable information. We have decided to move forward with the storyboard tool that will allow analysts to capture client information and organize it into a centralized and presentable format.

During the semester, we have designed and refined the storyboard concept in order to develop an intuitive and functional interface for our end users. Through animated mock ups, we have been able to demo various designs and options to our project sponsors and make alterations based off of their feedback. After thoroughly developing the design, the storyboard will enable client leads to save different visualizations of their data into a storyboard panel. Once in this panel, they will be able to make notes and comments on the various visualizations and save the storyboards into personalized folders and sub folders, based on the data’s subject matter. Client leads will also have the option to use data templates that will guide them through their decisions based on common analytical processes.

As we developed the storyboard feature, we realized that its functionality could provide substantial value to the Control Store Testing application currently being developed by another dunnhumbyUSA Capstone team. The decision was made to integrate the final presentation to demonstrate the combined functionality of both projects. Our teams will collaborate for the remainder of the semester in order to mutually enhance the value added by each of our projects.


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