Capstone Experience: The ALISE Team

The ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education) is a non-profit organization that serves as the intellectual home of university faculty in graduate programs in library and information science. Its mission is to promote excellence in research, teaching, and service and to provide an understanding of the values and ethos of library and information science.

Since our last blog submission the ALISE Project team has faced several challenges.
First, we discovered serious complexity within the database structure. As we moved deeper into the project we discovered that the source of the complex database structure was a highly unstructured survey. To overcome the structure challenges and meet our goal of automating the 400 page annual statistical report we are creating a much simpler survey structure. This will enhance annual survey data validation for years to come by preventing survey participants from inputting wrong data. This is key, in order to produce accurate results for future statistical reports.

As far as the data for this year’s report, the unstructured survey and complex database has been inputted in a format that cannot be accessed accurately. Currently we are developing a process using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools to resolve this issue and continue development. Cleaning this complex dataset will allow our application to accurately generate this year’s report and establish consistency within the database.

As development on the standalone form application to create all of the charts, graphs, and data tables for the statistical report continues, we are constantly reevaluating our work in order to ensure we are meeting requirements. As we transition from design to build, we will continue to carefully manage solution functionality and client expectations.


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