Capstone Experience: The Nucor Team

Hello, once again we are the Nucor Tuscaloosa project team. Since our last blog post, lots has changed for our team. We have deployed our first phase of the project, which was the Change of Status process, and gained a new team member. Part of the flexibility of the Capstone teams is to shift resources when required. With that said, I want to introduce our new team member Bryce Shelton. Bryce brings a wealth of experience and has already been a valuable asset to the team.

Continuing with the project, we have started the second phase. The second phase will include taking two more workflow forms and converting them to full electronic SharePoint forms. The two workflows include a monthly sign off form for the accounting department’s monthly closing tasks and a stocking request form for the warehouse. On Stocking Request, the form must pass through multiple levels of authentication before approval. Unlike the continuation from phase one of the project, we are starting this phase from the beginning of the software development life cycle from start to finish for each form. After meeting with the stakeholders of each form, we dove in head first to make sure we will be delivering the best form we can to Nucor.


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