Capstone Experience: The 8760 Team

As the semester has progressed, we are approaching the end of our web application development project with 8760. We are using an agile methodology with two to three week iterations, during which we plan, analyze, design, build, and test each new piece of functionality. Working in timed iterations has allowed us to be more flexible with our project and make quick changes based on client feedback. It continues to allow for work to be split equally amongst group members, making each member an expert on a certain piece of functionality.

In these final stages of the project, we will be polishing functionality and leading into test. Along with the delivery of the web application, we will also be presenting 8760 with different distribution channel recommendations. The marketing plan will first validate the client’s original target market assessment. This will include complied research based on different criteria, and then industry selection based on criteria overlaps. Lastly, we will prepare a promotional package which involves branding information for the web application.

This project has been a valuable learning experience for our team. Managing scope continues to be one of the most valuable lessons as our time is limited. The team has done extensive work in finalizing the project and delivering iterations to 8760. Communication between the team and the client has been vital to the success of the project. As the next few weeks elapse, we will continue working to complete our project in accordance to the agreed upon scope.


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