MIS Courses: CS 220

This has been a great semester in MIS. MIS 330 and CS 220 have been great. From learning SQL to C#, I definitely feel I have learned a lot of useful things that will help me out in the semesters to come, and even beyond that. When I think back on this semester, fond memories of creating objects and queries will come to mind.

Currently in CS 220 we are getting ready to start developing our application for the final project. This semester is different from previous semesters because our final project spans across both CS 220 and MIS 330. The application we are building will tie in with the database we create in MIS 330. This is an awesome experience for us to learn how real world business applications work. The project is intimidating, but I definitely feel it will pay off in the future by giving us a step ahead of students who have no experience in this area.

-Josh Douglas


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