Capstone Experience: The DHR Team

The Capstone DHR team is developing a web-based application to automate a current
performance auditing process called Work Sampling for the Alabama Department of Human
Resources. This will digitize their current Work Sampling system, which was built on a
mainframe that was implemented in the 1970’s. As a result, this application will help the
Alabama DHR ensure, that federal funds are being allocated accurately and effectively.
Automating the Work Sampling will also eliminate time and cost factors by combining all the
available features and functions that are performed into an intuitive online application.

We are currently finishing up the design stage and moving into the build stage of the project.
We are coding the application in VB.NET on an MVC3 architecture with MS SQL as a back-
end. We have been working hand-in-hand with a team from the AL DHR as well as the Center
for Advanced Public Safety in the Computer Science Department at The University of Alabama.
Mock-ups, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, ERDs, and layer diagrams have been produced in
constant collaboration with those teams.

One of our biggest challenges has been the learning curve for VB.NET. The team has made
great strides in overcoming this challenge, by utilizing pair-programming and helping each other
out at all times. Hayat Rahal, one of our team members and training lead, did a great job with
developing a training plan that has proven to be very helpful to our team.

By enabling the Alabama DHR to perform Work Sampling online and in turn be more efficient
and effective, the Capstone team is allowing case workers and supervisors to take care of
individuals and families in need. While the audit process is important, it is far more important to
give people in need, the attention they deserve.


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