MIS Courses: MIS 320

Application and Information Architecture is the title for MIS 320. Such a title may seem vague, confusing, or even unclear. The last option was certainly the most appropriate as an open mind passing through the door on the first day of class. A memory comes to mind, which includes a conversation with a fellow classmate while riding a bus to class. The subject of this conversation was the content of 320 with suggestions such as coding, theory, design, and quite a few other things. Not until recently did the realization occur that all of those things are covered. Everything from programming skills and techniques, solution development concepts, and problem decomposition strategies have been reinforced and appended with new implications. As the finish line for Application and Information Architecture begins to appear, new descriptions come to mind, such as: vast in content, composed in design, and enlightening in theory.
These descriptions could easily be attributes of the entire MIS program, however, fast-paced and involved should probably be added to the list. The program includes so much content to encompass the technology of today, that realizing it accomplishes this feat while focusing on solving problems and providing solutions, is nothing short of incredible. Traveling along this journey certainly tests capabilities and may seem to border insanity, but it establishes a potential otherwise unknown and untouched. The confidence this program instills is something most people would tag as obnoxious. The catch is that the individuals that make up this program have the skills necessary to fulfill any outrageous boasts they concoct. In conclusion, it is worth noting that this perception is coming from someone who has not entered the capstone. Challenge accepted.

-Christopher Hancock, MIS Junior


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