At this weeks AIMS meeting with CGI, we got to talk with George Tarbox, Patrick James,
and Daniel Stillman. These CGI ‘members’ spoke with us about their company and the many
opportunities they had available for MIS students. Four of the characteristics they look for in a
candidate for internships and full-time positions are: intellect, confidence, communication, and
culture. All of these qualities were showcased in the 3 presenters and helped everyone know if we
could fit in well with their company.

The company is a French-Canadian company with 31,000 employees and 35 years of growth.
CGI focuses 50% of their business on organic growth, developing upon existing clients and product
lines, and the other 50% on inorganic growth, mergers and acquisition. When showing us a map
of where they service we noticed that it was all in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.
This is only a small portion of the world, but they said the structuring was because it is where
76% of worldwide IT spending occurs. The strategic planning is just another reason why this
company has become such a well-known and profitable company. CGI focuses on 5 main areas of
business: Financial Services, Government & Healthcare, Telecom & Utilities, Retail & Distribution,
and Manufacturing. These areas also show CGI’s strategic planning because it involves such a wide
range of products. When one part of the economy is down, at least one or more of the other areas is
up. This allows CGI to have a diverse portfolio that can withstand these economic changes.

The presentation was extremely informational and allowed students to interact with MIS
alums and their careers after Alabama. These 3 presenters are all located in the Troy, AL office,
a new and growing office. They talked about the small town, the ways they like to have fun, and
the new businesses they are trying to bring to grow the community. CGI is a global company with
excellent opportunities.

-Stephanie Kenaston


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