Capstone Experience: Vertical Alliance Group Team

Currently the Vertical Alliance Group team is nearing the end of what our project manager likes to call the “design-alyze” phase which is a mix of the analyze and design phases. After this phase is complete we will enter the build phase. The team is very excited to transition into the next phase of our project. We have worked with our client diligently to conduct a thorough analysis of their current website, which will allow us to have a smoother build phase and develop a better understanding of their current site. We are also going through technical language training exercises so we will be prepared when we start building the solution.

Vertical Alliance Group has helped tremendously by giving us current process flows and mock-ups for how they would like the future site to work. They also gave us an application form to use in our language training exercises. We are very excited about the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with this company and provide them with a solution that they can implement not only to the NurseUniverse site but to their other sites as well.

Like any project, we continue to encounter challenges. For example, in completing our technical training exercises it has been a challenge to pull pictures from our database. I am positive we will have overcome this challenge by the time you read this. Another challenge is the time constraint we face. We have so many good ideas that need to be implemented into the new website but due to the limited time remaining, we will be unable to.

This project has been a great learning experience for all of us. All parties involved were tremendously pleased with the quality and amount of new information uncovered during the analyze phase. We are ready and focused on the final stretch of our project. Furthermore, we are completely dedicated to delivering a high quality product, by early May, to our client. We look forward to working with Vertical Alliance Group over the rest of our project’s life cycle and are eager to find out what challenges and improvements are ahead.


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