Capstone Experience: ThyssenKrupp Team

Greetings again from the ThyssenKrupp IT Asset Management Recommendation Team! On March 2nd, our team had the pleasure of making a trip to Alpharetta, Georgia for an onsite visit to the new IT Shared Services Center. Not only was this a valuable learning experience from an IT asset management perspective, but it was also a time to develop as a team by solving riddles on a three hour car ride with DHale.

When we arrived at ThyssenKrupp, we connected with several different departments for requirements workshops. In each workshop, we spoke to individual departments to gain a better understanding of the current processes and the expectations for the software that we will recommend. Some of the departments we met with included: finance, purchasing, data center and service desk. In addition, the team had the priceless experience of learning from TK’s resident IT Asset Manager. Although it was a lot to take in (10 hours of total meeting time), the familiarity that we now have with ThyssenKrupp’s IT Asset Management needs will help us make a better software recommendation.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to develop our own requirements within the team and continue our conversations with the software vendors. Additionally, we have begun reaching out to companies who are represented in the UA MIS Forum for benchmarking analysis. Though contact with the vendors was a challenge at first, once we got started, it was easy to see that our experience in the MIS program had prepared us to interact on a professional level.


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