Capstone Experience: The Lowe’s Team

The Lowe’s iPhone Application Team has been working with Lowe’s this semester to develop an iPhone application for use by in-store associates. Since our last update, we have moved into the Build Phase of the Accenture Development Methodology (ADM). In this stage, we are putting together the iPhone application using xCode and the iOS Simulator. xCode 4.2 utilizes a build strategy called Storyboards. Storyboards use a drag and drop functionality to allow iOS creators to make a skeleton for their application with virtually no coding. The user creates each view as normal using Interface Builder, through connecting the interfaces by dragging lines and defining the relationship between them. However, xCode provides much of the code behind the UI automatically within storyboards for the developer. By utilizing the storyboards, we will be able to easily write additional code on top of the code generated by the storyboards, therefore, saving the team time. We plan to take an iterative approach that will involve three iterations. Our first iteration included creating a skeleton of our application which will allow us to gain better feedback from stakeholders. The final two iterations will focus on adding functionality and populating the application with actual data.

My individual role on the team is Process Lead. I am in charge of creating and updating any ADM documents that our team utilizes throughout the semester. This requires me to research the purpose of potential documents, look at sample ones from past semesters, develop a template for our team, and update or proofread the team template as changes are made. So far this semester, I have been in charge of producing and proofreading User Scenarios, the Project Charter, and the Requirements Traceability Matrix. In addition, since our team has come up with several great ideas that are out of scope for this semester, we have created a Future Capabilities Matrix that will keep track of our ideas for future functionality.

Halftime is over and now it’s time to finish the game strong.

-Melissa Nesman, MIS Senior


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