Capstone Experience: The Home Depot Usage Reporting and Mobilization Team

The Home Depot Usage Reporting and Mobilization team has undergone many changes and has made substantial progress since finishing the requirements gathering process. Most notably, the team has made an effort to keep a focused “sub-team” on each section of the project: one group for usage reporting, and the other for mobilization. While the two sub-teams actively help each other, their day-to-day work focuses on the part of the project to which they are assigned. This has tremendously helped the team stay on track and keep the project organized.

After a hugely successful visit to The Home Depot campus in Atlanta, the team began rigorously defining what the final solution would do, look like, and feel like to use. For the usage reporting tool, the Capstone Team plans to implement a solution using Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot to create an interactive dashboard for large amounts of data. For the reports mobilization, the team will create an HTML5 solution that is optimized for the iPad platform.

So far, the team has had a great time working with members of The Home Depot’s Enterprise Business Intelligence team, who have been very helpful and supportive of the entire project. During the Capstone Team’s spring break, team members will be researching technologies that will be used in their solution so that they will be prepared to enter the “Build” phase beginning on April 1. The team is very excited to deliver the final solution to The Home Depot in what is sure to be a proud moment for UA-MIS!


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