Capstone Experience: dunnhumbyUSA Capstone Team

Welcome back to what seems to be the continuous game of musical chairs being played by the dunnhumbyUSA team! With the addition of second semester senior, Steve Johnson, we have now gained three new teammates, including myself, since the beginning of the semester. Although it takes some time to get new teammates up to speed, we realize this is a challenge that many business professionals face.

We are currently in the stage that our project manager, James Blackburn, refers to as “Designabuildalyze.” We are designing mock-ups, storyboards, and wireframes. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, we will get a chance to build a prototype. The team is conducting extensive research on application design relative to user-interaction in terms of visual aesthetics and usability. We are also focusing on delivering thorough documentation, which will minimize any ambiguity next semester’s team may face in building the application according to our designs. As we continue our project with mock-up and storyboard designs, please check back in to view our progress!

-Rayford Smith, MIS Senior


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