AIMS: Hexcel

AIMS welcomed special guest Sandra Kearney, CIO for Hexcel, on Tuesday, February 21. Coming all the way from Stamford, CT, Sandra spoke to the group about the tremendous impact that Hexcel is having on the aerospace and defense industries, along with several others. Through the manufacturing of special carbon fiber materials, Hexcel has made a name for themselves in an industry that is rapidly changing. Over the course of their existence, Sandra and the leadership of Hexcel have brought the company to currently employ more than 4000 employees, and be worth more than a billion dollars.

Sandra focused her presentation around the three main ideas of Hexcel’s business, Hexcel Academy, and the Information Technology area of the company. One her main points centered around the ongoing career development that employees are entered into upon arrival at the company. During the entry level portion of the leadership development program, employees have the opportunity to rotate between three different positions and learn the different functions and responsibilities of each. The result is a much more well-rounded employee with a better understanding and appreciation for what happens at different levels within Hexcel. To conclude her presentation, Sandra spoke on the emphasis on training that she has implemented in her time as CIO. Seeing that many employees within the company use only the minor functionality of even standard programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Sandra saw that there was much to teach, in order to reach maximum productivity.

UA MIS is looking forward to partnering with such an innovative company!

-Tucker Burke, MIS Junior


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